Important information:

  • No login required! Just play!
  • Play the game in Chrome! I will port it to steam later this year using Electron (which embeds chrome engine).
  • Some of the design in World Seed are placeholders and I claim no rights to these. This is mentioned in-game as well. 
  • There is no tutorial currently. Some things are self explanatory, some things you have to figure out yourself (or ask!)

World Seed is a procedurally generated RPG game where you are set out to fight creatures from the continents of fire, frost, nature and void. By doing so you get better gear and can take on greater foes.

Currently you can:

  • fight other players and creatures
  • craft better gear
  • find enchanted items
  • claim zones on the world map to gain passive income
  • run dungeons with friends
  • collect trophies
  • duel other player 
  • and much more!

This game is a nice mix of many elements. Some unconventional things to mention is:

  • Your HP recovers fully after each fight
  • There is no traditional "experience". You can basically equip anything from the get-go. Your avarage tier decides your character tier
  • There are ten different tiers (levels). I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X
  • If you claim a zone you put your current character there to defend it. Read the activity log in the upper left corner for great information!
  •  The game is a open world where everyone plays together. No zones and no loading screens.

I appreciate if you try the game out. Also feel free to post feedback or questions!

Can you get to Tier VI?


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What happens when you die?


Hello! You loose your equipment but get to keep your inventory